Putin: Strenghtening of multipolar world is inevitable 
The consolidation of the multipolar world is inevitable, President Vladimir Putin stated at the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club.
Putin: Strenghtening of multipolar world is inevitable 

Putin: Strenghtening of multipolar world is inevitable 

Photo: AFP/Grigory Sysoyev
Eurasia 06/10/2023 12:00

The consolidation of the multipolar world is inevitable, President Vladimir Putin stated at the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club.

I will end where I began. Given what I have said, the strengthening of the multipolar world is inevitable," he said, concluding his speech, TASS reported.

The president emphasized that the future world order would certainly be based on a yet-to-be created economic and financial system that should be more balanced in serving the interests of the vast majority of members of the international community.

Putin noted that Chinese President Xi Jinping was promoting another project of future development titled One Belt, One Road. "We are doing the same, building the Eurasian Economic Union. Meanwhile, we are thinking about bringing it all together. And what if other BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries join the process? Listen, this is what joint work is all about," the president added.

In his nearly four-hours speech, Putin covered a lot of topics. Russia and Europe share the same "civilizational code" based on Christianity. However, Europe is creating "a new Iron Curtain," while Russia is keeping the door open, the president said about the relaitons between Europe and Russia.  Europe was forced to stop trading with Russia and followed the US, even though its well-being was based on cheap energy supplies from Russia and access to the Chinese market. As a result, "many Europeans are now
saying that Europe has lost its sovereignty."

AFP/Vladimir Smirnov
Putin emphasized, that Russia is working on rebuilding it's economy, damaged by Western sanctions.

"So far, we have been handling it well and I have reasons to believe that we will continue like that in the future." "A natural reconstruction of the economy began" the way it had happened in the wake of the 2014 food embargo.

Unlike in Europe, the Russian people’s real disposable income is growing despite an increase in defense and security spendings. Russia is leaving "the fading European market," increasing "its presence on the growing markets in other parts of the world, including Asia", said the president. 

Regarding the country's nuclear doctrine, Putin said that there is no need to change the national nuclear doctrine as Russia's retaliatory strike following a nuclear attack by a potential aggressor will leave the enemy with no chances of survival. "No one in their right mind and clear memory would think of using nuclear weapons against Russia."

Russia has been successful in terms of nuclear deterrence as it has in fact completed work on the Sarmat missile and will soon launch its mass production and put it on combat duty along with the Burevestnik missile.

There is no need to carry out nuclear tests but in theory, Russia could take a tit-for-tat approach as the US failed to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty. "However, it is up to members of the State Duma (the lower house of parliament - TASS) to decide."

Regarding the war in Ukraine, Putin emphasized, that the United States was seeking to impose its crumbling hegemony across the world and the West had lost touch with reality.

The West had caused the war because the United States was a "hegemon" which considered itself the only arbiter of truth on the planet, said the president. 

Putin said the leaders of the West had lost "a sense of reality" because of what he cast as Washington's "colonial thinking." He questioned what right the United States had to lecture any other country.

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