UAE startup develops rewarding smart bins
More than 50 of these bins have been put up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
UAE startup develops rewarding smart bins
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UAE startup develops rewarding smart bins

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Eurasia 27/12/2023 07:00

More than 50 of these bins have been put up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Taking up the challenge of diverting waste from the landfills, a UAE startup has come up with a smart solution. The Abu Dhabi-based tech company Nadeera has deployed bins that can communicate and trash bags with QR codes for tracking.

More than 50 of these smart bins have put up in Dubai and Abu Dhabi — mainly in communities across JLT, JVC, Marina and Dubai South among others.

“These are smart bins with a chip in them," Rabih El Chaar, founder and CEO of Nadeera, told Khaleej Times. This means those looking to dump non-recyclable trash won't be able to open them.

"It's an access-control bin. If somebody is walking by with a bag of general waste, they cannot open it and throw waste in it and contaminate our recyclables. In addition to that, it has, sensors in them. So whenever the bin is full, it will signal to us to come and pick it up," El Chaar explained.

Besides helping residents go green, Nadeera also offers incentives through its app for recycling. This is made possible through its traceable bags.

Here's how the process goes:

  • Once the bin is full, the company dispatches a truck from one of its partners to collect the recyclables.
  • Then they're taken to the facility with each bag having a QR code on it.
  • The bags are scanned and then based on the quality of sorting that has been done, the users get their feedback and credits, which can be used at Carrefour or Talabat.

Nadeer's chief added that the entire system runs on artificial intelligence and blockchain processes.

“Every single transaction that takes place is registered live on a blockchain, which is an assurance that the waste actually is being diverted. We provide access to that blockchain to our partners, so they're able to monitor it and know that it cannot be changed. So this is an assurance for them that whenever they sponsor a project waste is getting diverted.”

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