Milton Osborne: Southeast Asia: An Introductory History

Milton Osborne: Southeast Asia: An Introductory History

A number of monographs on the history of Southeast Asia have appeared in recent decades, some of which aimed to provide a detailed account of the region's history that met all the criteria of academic rigour, while others sought merely to provide a concise, readable summary of the subject that would provide important basic knowledge for visitors and students alike. Milton Osborne's work is unique in the latter category. The first edition of the book appeared in 1979 and was immediately met with great interest by those interested in the region. Since then, it has been translated into Japanese, Khmer, Korean, and Thai, and the twelfth English edition is scheduled for publication in 2021.

The Australian historian has personally witnessed the enormous changes and dramatic developments in the region over decades. While Osborne gives due attention to the region's early history, he focuses on the changes that have taken place since the 18th century: the impact of colonial rule, the economic upheavals of the 19th and 20th centuries, the rise and triumph of independence movements, the impact of social change, and the key roles played by religion, ethnic minorities, and immigrant groups. It also provides an introduction to the art and literature of the region. If there were only one book to recommend to university students, tourists, or those working in the region, it would undoubtedly be the latest edition of Osborne's work.

Péter Klemensits – The author is a senior researcher at the Eurasia Center

Milton Osborne: Southeast Asia: An Introductory History
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Publication date: 2013 (11th edition)
ISBN: 978-1743312674
Pages: 376

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