Levente Horváth: Chinese geopolitical thinking

Levente Horváth: Chinese geopolitical thinking

After 500 years, the Atlantic Era is slowly coming to an end and we are witnessing the dawning of the Eurasian Era, in which China will play a very significant role. The new world order is taking shape in a process of major realignment, and in order to clearly understand the driving forces and context of geopolitical change, and to position Hungary accordingly, it is important to understand the mindsets of the new leading powers.

Levente Horváth was formerly the Hungarian Consul General in Shanghai and Senior Advisor to the Governor of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank. Currently the Director of the Eurasia Centre at János Neumann University, he uses both first-hand experience and research based on Chinese sources to provide fresh perspectives and a completely new geostrategic approach. Presenting China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which is one of the twenty-first century’s largest multilateral cooperations, from the point of view of China itself, with its 5000-year-old culture based on Confucian teachings, Chinese Geopolitical Thinking is the first comprehensive study of the subject to be originally written in Hungarian.

“This volume may be of great help in clearly identifying the processes that shape our present and future, and the intentions and opportunities of one of the world’s major players. As a result, it may also assist us in making choices that point towards cooperation and common solutions to global problems rather than conflict. China is unavoidable. Understanding China is equally inescapable. And to the latter task, Levente Horváth’s work makes a major contribution.”

Dr. habil. Gergely Salát, Sinologist
Levente Horváth: Chinese geopolitical thinking – The Belt and Road Initiative from a Chinese Perspective

Publisher: Pallas Athéné Books

Publication date: 2023

ISBN: 978-963-573-207-4

Pages: 200

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