Jong-wha Lee: Is This the Asian Century?

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South Korean professor of economics with a doctorate from Harvard University, Jong-Wha Lee, is the head of the Asian Research Institute at Korea University. This book is a compilation of 25 of the author's articles published on the US website, Project Syndicate, between 2012 and 2017.

These articles are grouped into the following main topics, which form the chapters of the book: growth, cooperation, finances and education. The forum, which publishes original, if occasionally provocative, ideas from prominent decision-makers, invited Jong-Wha Lee to publish, paving the way for the online journal to post the views of a growing number of active Asian decision-makers and thinkers, thereby stimulating the global exchange of ideas.

The author contends that information sharing and policy dialogue between regional and global leaders can assist in reconciling divergent viewpoints and achieving tangible results. Incorporating the insights of a Harvard-educated Korean economic policymaker, the author's vision and approach leap off the pages and are consistent throughout his writing. As a general lesson, we may assert that Jong-Wha Lee's analytical framework applies equally to the analysis of the catching-up processes of Japan, South Korea, and China. In addition to analysing the past, this book is particularly useful for comprehending China's and the region's current challenges.

Alexandra Zoltai -  The author is a researcher at the Eurasia Center of John von Neumann University

Jong-wha Lee: Is This the Asian Century?

World Scientific

Publication date: 2017

ISBN: 978-981-3227-58-3

Pages: 144

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